Polished Face Wheels Repairs

POLISHED FACE WHEELS REPAIRS / DIAMOND CUT REPAIRS We can do a very acceptable repair to scuffed diamond cut wheels at a small proportion of the cost to have them re-diamond cut. Saving you money and time. We can offer a same day service. If your polished face wheels are scuffed around the edge you can come to us for a repair instead of going to the time and expense of sending them off to be completely re-diamond cut.
PAINTED ALLOY WHEELS A good car can really be let down by scuffed, tarnished and tatty wheels. Replacing an alloy wheel can cost hundreds of pounds but repairing and refurbishing them can cost a fraction of that amount. A new looking set of wheels can really make your car look like new and for the relatively small costs involved we believe the alloy wheel refurbishment service from Autochips & Dent Care offers exceptional value for money, especially if you’re trying to sell your car. We don’t cut corners on our alloy wheel repair and refurbishing service, we put quality first so for the best results we refurbish the whole face of the wheel and not just the damaged rim.
We can change the colour of your wheels too!